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“How Do You Change an Old-Style Sales Manager into a More Inclusive Leader?

The significant differences between your sales manager’s “Independent Gunfighter” leadership and selling style and your core values of collaboration and respect for the individual is the current struggle being faced by many companies (and industries) today. We are experiencing a generational shift in selling and sales leadership philosophies. The “old school” style of selling that…

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11 Biggest Mistakes Sales Professionals Make in Their Presentations

A guest article by Patricia Fripp, Hall of Fame keynote speaker, executive speech coach, sales presentation skills and an on-line training expert. Like Hollywood actors, sales professionals put themselves and their companies on the line with every word, taking a risk in the hope of a favorable outcome. Just like actors, even the best, most experienced…

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5 Tips When You Have 5 Minutes With A Prospect

A guest article by Patricia Fripp, Hall of Fame keynote speaker, executive speech coach, sales presentation skills and an on-line training expert. If you are on the phone, a webinar, or in person, and you have a few minutes with the executive, what do you say to keep on track and be professional? Here is an…

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Account Planning – Leading Your Sales Team to be Future Focused

Account planning – how to lead your sales team using a future focus of account planning. Jim Pancero reveals four key questions that will coach salespeople to be future-focused while boosting sales. Thanks to our friends at ISSA.com for the production and use of this video.

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Are You Healthy Enough to Pass a Sales Physical?

The Six Critical Tests That Most Contribute to Your Personal Selling Success So how healthy are you? Want to find out by completing a simple six question test of your selling skills and effectiveness? As a sales and sales management consultant and trainer for 35 years I’ve been able to observe and evaluate the skills…

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Are You Managing Your Sales Team by GPS?

Are there valid reasons for recording a salesperson’s travels by GPS? Short term I am sure a team’s sales would increase due to the bottom performers running scared and working harder. But long term I believe a team will lose its top performers (or future top performers) due to their feelings of “Big Brother” and…

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Are You Selling to Their FUD Factor?

“FUD Factor” is an old selling term that stands for Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. The idea as a sales person is to focus on a buyer’s fears, uncertainty and doubts in trying something new or in taking no action or in doing business with your competitors. A foundation of all buying is the opposite balance,…

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Are Your Sales Reps Hellarewe Birds?

In my sales programs I describe most sales people as being like the “Hellarewe” bird. That’s a three foot bird living in four foot grass…who keeps saying “Where the hell are we?” How many of your salespeople act like “Hellarewe” birds? But selling is a lot like the game of Chess. If you think more…

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Are Your Selling Actions Truly Customer Focused?

Four Questions to Test Your Resolve & Improve Your Sales Success Whenever I ask experienced sales professionals this question, they always affirm how customer-focused they already are and how they really do not need any additional help or training in this area. What about you? Are you really customer-focused in your day-to-day selling efforts? Answer…

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