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As a Sales Professional, Look for New Smokestacks!

Everyone agrees with new business prospecting being a critical component of any sales territory. However, even during tougher economic conditions the majority of sales people still tend to over-service their existing customers and do as little as possible to find new clients. What about you? How much new business prospecting have you been investing in…

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Ask Your Sales Team ‘And then what?’

In my sales programs I describe most sales people as being like the “Hellarewe” bird. That’s a three foot bird living in four foot grass…who keeps saying “Where the hell are we?” How many of your salespeople act like “Hellarewe” birds? But selling is a lot like the game of Chess. If you think more…

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BOCI Radio Interviews Jim Pancero

On Wednesday April 16, 2014 Terri Murphy with Business Over Coffee International Radio (BOCI) interviewed Jim about sales training and his book “You Can Always Sell More – How to Improve Any Sales Force.” Listen to the half-hour audio program:   Go to the Business Over Coffee International Radio Website

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Find ‘The Win’ In Any Sales Loss

Do you see selling as an event or as a process? Less trained or experienced sales reps tend to see selling as just a series of stand-alone events. They work hard at every selling opportunity but when that sale is complete, whether it was won or lost, they see that sales effort as now being…

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Focusing on Problems – Not Symptoms

As a sales manager, are you spending more times working to solve symptoms or problems from your sales team members? Sadly, most of the sales managers I see spend the majority of their time only working on symptoms and not problems. The majority of all the sales problems brought to me by sales people asking…

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Gaining Credibility with Your Sales Team

  You don’t have to shoot more 3-pointers to coach LeBron James. And you don’t have to be a better salesperson to lead an award-winning sales team. But you do have to understand the philosophies and process of good selling techniques. Don’t be the towel boy. Let Jim Pancero show you how to become a…

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Go From Being a Sales Manager to a Selling Process Coach

  In this video Jim Pancero shows how sales managers can take the next step to becoming selling process coaches and become more effective leaders. Jim explains how changing the question is the answer to improving sales. Our thanks to our friends at ISSA for the production of this video and their permission to use…

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Help Reps Shift From Intuitive to Structured and Consistent

Do you have professional salespeople on your team? Of course almost all sales managers would answer yes, even when it’s not really the correct answer. What’s your definition of a professional? The best definition I’ve heard of a professional is based on their consistency of performance. Describing someone as a professional is also saying there’s…

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How Proactive is Your Sales Manager?

An Interview with sales specialist Jim Pancero conducted by Stacy Ward, Managing Editor, FEDA News & Views, the voice of the Foodservice Equipment Distributors Association Sit next to sales consultant Jim Pancero on a plane and be prepared to rethink everything you thought you knew about sales, particularly if you’re in management or have umpteen…

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