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How To Coach Sales Reps On The Fundamental Structures Of A Sales Call

The job of a sales manager is to help each and every one of your people achieve more than they would have achieved if just left alone. How are you helping your people achieve even more by coaching and helping them increase their Operational or fundamental selling skills? How often are you riding along and…

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How to Conduct Effective Sales Training and Adult Learning

A significant component of your sales training design is going to be based on what type of sales training structure or process you select to best communicate your new learning ideas. To best understand the positives and trade-offs of any specific training format we need to first look at the steps of adult learning. You…

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How to Sell Your Way Out of a Tougher Economy

So how’s business? Whether you sell equipment…materials…supplies…or services…I’m guessing your answer isn’t that positive right now. Some business areas are doing really well…but most have spent the last year struggling for every sale…fighting off aggressive cost-cutting competitors as you all chased after fewer buyers. I’m Jim Pancero. and I’ve been consulting and training sales teams…

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Improve Your Team Hiring by Asking Stronger Interview Questions

All sales managers eventually wind up needing to invest time and effort interviewing, hiring and training new members of their sales team. How effective are your interviewing skills and efforts? The majority of sales managers don’t interview and hire new salespeople on a regular basis so their interviewing skills tend to be weak or “underdeveloped.”…

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Improving Your Trade Show Selling Skills

  You can get the most value by showing this video at a sales meeting prior to your trade show and then leading your team on a discussion of: What did you think of the ideas on the video? How relevant are these ideas to us and our upcoming show? What do you think we…

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Increasing Your Cold Calling Efforts

Cold calling, or contacting prospects you have never talked to, is one of the single toughest activities any salesperson can do. It’s not that cold calling is hard, it’s just takes a lot of work to generate a little new business and involves the highest rate of selling rejection. Most salespeople hate cold calling, not…

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Is Everyone Talking to Your Customers Properly Trained and Coached?

How many different people from your company talk with your customers? Consider asking your team to evaluate and discuss two different selling scenarios. The first scenario deals with your newest customers. Ask your team how many different people from your company will talk with a new prospect (either by telephone or “face-to-face”) from the time…

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Move Your Customer Service from Assumed to Amazing!

  Jim describes the four levels of customer service: Assumed, Expected, Impressed and Amazed. How you can move your service from being reactive to proactive! Thanks to our friends at ISSA for the permission to use this video! https://www.issa.com/  

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Moving Your Service Levels to Amazing

Jim Pancero and Satisfyd present “Moving Service Levels to Amazing – Make Your Service Department a Competitive Advantage!” – One hour webinar Topics include: – How do your customers view your sales and service team? – Where are your customer’s service team and support levels now? – The evolution of a competitive advantage – What types of…

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