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Mill Creek Carpet and Tile – Testimonial

We have just completed our second round of Jim Pancero training. We had 45 of our salespeople complete the training this round. The training consisted of five different classes for two two-day sessions each time, so a total of about ten days. Our sales staff found it incredibly informative, very germane to the real world in which they work and very, very insightful. Jim has a knack for taking an intuitive principles and systematizing those into a format that is logical, that salespeople really can understand and grapple with and then apply it.

One of the more particular valuable things for our team was the role play sessions that Jim leads. It gives the sales folks the ability to apply the things that they're sitting and talking about and learning. There's a lot of repetition and good interaction that comes from the role play. Very much appreciate our relationship with Jim, he's very, very insightful and does a wonderful job with our sales force and will be a relationship that we continue to foster in the future. So thank you very much Jim.

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