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Sell More By Strengthening Your Listening Skills

How good a listener are you? When I ask this question of experienced sales pro’s the overwhelming majority immediately identify they’re great listeners and identify their listening skills as one of the reasons for their long-term selling success. But the reality is significantly different for most salespeople, even the most experienced and successful ones. The…

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Sell More With a Strong Competitive Awareness

How high is your competitive awareness? On a scale of one to 10…with 10 being strongest…pick a number you feel most represents your current level of competitive awareness. Most experienced sales professionals identify their competitive awareness level as around a seven to nine…what’s your number? Having a comprehensive understanding of your competition and how they…

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Selling to Your Buyer’s Entire Political Culture

The reality of today’s buyers is they rarely make decisions alone. A “final decision maker” will still seek opinions and insights from others, even when they alone are the final decision maker of their vendor selection. However, most sales professionals only focus their attention selling to their main buyer or decision maker and see little…

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Spend Half Your Time Selling to Customers, Half to Your Company

Where do you focus all of your selling efforts? The immediate assumption would be to respond by answering that of course you’re spending as much time as possible selling to your customers! But there is a better long-term answer! I got some of the best advice for my sales career as I started my first…

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Strengthening Your Strategic Selling Skills to Sell More

How strong are your strategic selling skills? Strategic selling involves increasing your competitive advantage by strengthening your ability to communicate your uniqueness, value, and competitive differential to a customer or prospect. How successful have you been explaining your competitive uniqueness and differentiation to your potential buyers? What is involved with strategic selling? So what is…

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Today’s Top Five Sales Fails and How to Avoid Them

Jim Pancero and Satisfyd presents “Today’s Top Five Sales Fails…and How to Avoid Them!” – One hour webinar recording. Topics include: Sales fail #1 – Making it all about you. Sales fail #2 – Selling as a firefighter instead of an arsonist. Sales fail #3 – Selling as a “Hellarewe Bird” Sales fail #4 –…

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Utilizing Stronger ‘Cold Calling’ Phone Openings

NOTE: Please read Jim’s update (5/2/17) at the end of this article. His answer to the posted comments.  How are you opening up your phone calls, especially when cold calling? There’s a simple four step process you can utilize that will increase your success grabbing a prospect’s attention and positioning the reason for your call….

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Utilizing the Five Steps of Financial Justification

How often are you the lowest priced vendor bidding for new business? If you are like the vast majority of my readers, the answer is almost never. The reality of selling is there will always be some competitors who will under-bid you and others to win the business. So how are you and the rest…

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Utilizing the Four Core Values of Buying

Utilizing the Four Core Values of Buying! Business-to-business buyers are influenced by your overall philosophy or approach much more than they are by the “parts and pieces” details of your actual products or services. Strategic selling involves continually communicating your overall philosophy, positioning or selling approach throughout your selling process and ongoing support efforts. One…

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