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You Can Always Sell More, By Not Saying ‘It’s No Problem!’

There‘s a new term that’s crept into today’s selling and service language that’s having a severe and negative impact on our customers… and how they view our efforts to help them, and I bet it’s a term you’ve used yourself in the last 24 hours when talking with your customer. And the term is…“No problem!”…

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You Can Sell More,With a Strong Competitive Awareness

How high is your competitive awareness? On a scale of one to 10…with 10 being strongest…pick a number you feel most represents your current level of competitive awareness. Most experienced sales professionals identify their competitive awareness level as around a seven to nine…what’s your number? Having a comprehensive understanding of your competition and how they…

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Your Price is Too High

How many times have you heard that from a buyer? What do you say? I’m Jim Pancero. In the last 33 years I’ve consulted and trained over 600 experienced sales teams in 80 different industries. Dealing with pricing demands and pressures from buyers is a constant in all industries…whether you’re in retail or business-to-business sales…selling…

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“How Can We Improve Our Customer Service?”

  How impressive is your customer service? And how much better are you and your service levels when compared to your competitors? I’m Jim Pancero. I’ve spent over 30 years as a sales and sales management consultant and trainer, helping sales teams like yours to increase their competitive advantage and selling success. I’d like to…

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