Selling in a Tougher Economy - Audio Series and Workbook

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A number of industries are now wrestling with a significant slow down in buying behaviors and an increase in pressures to reduce margins. Today the majority of sales professionals are having to sell in a tougher, more competitively-aggressive market. The reality is there are still buyers buying and there is still business to win. But winning in this new, and tougher marketplace requires your sales team to change. How are your sales people adjusting their selling styles, attitudes and habits to maximize their selling opportunities…even in a tougher market? Are your sales people working harder? Smarter? And with more creativity?

Aimed at the experienced sales person, this advanced program will offer challenges and specific ideas that are immediately implementable in any established territory. Components of this program available to you and your team include:

1st - For Your Sales Leaders - A special ten minute companion audio program is included to help your managers successfully coach their people through this advanced training. This special ten minute audio message is titled:

- “How To Successfully Coach and Lead Your Team Through ‘You Can Always Sell More - Even In A Tougher Economy!”

A brief (less than ten minute) audio is also provided to help each of your sales people to better understand how to receive the maximum learning opportunities from this series.

2nd - For Your Sales People - Specifically developed for the experienced sales pro who is experiencing a tougher, challenging selling environment, this advanced training program is meant to re-energize, refocus, retool and redirect your sales team. Six ten minute audio messages are included in this sales training program covering:

Module #1 - Are You Ready To Sell Your Way Out of This?

- It’s Not Your Fault. You can’t control an economic slowdown…but you can control what you do about it.

Module #2 - Do You Need To Re-inventory And Refocus Your Sales Tools To Increase Your Success In This Tougher Market?

- Tools include your message of uniqueness, new business prospecting process and structures to maintain and grow existing customers.

Module #3 - Are Your Existing Customers Stable And Protected From Your Competition?

- There’s no sense going after new business if you’re exposed at any of your existing customers.

Module #4 - Ready To Build Your Business By Finding New Prospects?

- Prospecting ideas to aggressively find the people who are still buying.

Module #5 - Is It Time To Start Preparing For Your Market Recovery?

- Ideas to start preparing for your market recovery by being the first, strongest and best prepared for the eventual upturn.

Module #6 - Are You Good Enough To Improve Your Selling Skills, Structures and Strategic Positioning?

- Final implementation suggestions to help increase your selling success.

A 32 page workbook in PDF format is included in this AUDIO DOWNLOAD.

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