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We’re excited to share with you one of our latest sales management products to help you increase your sales coaching and leadership effectiveness. Called “The Coaching Cube©” this 2 ¼” cube is constructed of dense foam material like that used in traditional “stress balls” and has printed on each of its six sides a critical coaching concept to share with the members of your sales team.

By displaying the top six most critical coaching ideas or suggestions, the “The Coaching Cube©” is meant to sit on your desk as a reminder to help you think of additional ideas that can improve your team’s selling opportunities and multiple-stepped plans. It can also be used to help stimulate your sales rep’s strategic customer planning. Next time a coaching session or account planning meeting with one of your sales team members stalls due to a lack of new ideas, toss the “The Coaching Cube©” over to your sales rep asking them to “pick a side” and tell you what they think they can do to help fulfill or achieve the idea being offered.

Each of the six sides of the “The Coaching Cube©” offers a critical coaching suggestion or idea.

Includes the 4- page article on how to use and get the best results from your Coaching Cube.

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