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Mill Creek Lumber – Testimonial

"I would like to relate a couple of experiences that I've had with Jim and the sales training. This is actually with Mill Creek Lumber, this is my second time through this and we were so excited about the opportunity to bring Jim in and train our sales people because of a previous experience that I had a number of years ago. I know that our success is going to be positive because of that previous experience.

We trained 30 fairly good but untrained salesmen who over time doubled and tripled their volume because of the sales training that Jim provided us. So now at Mill Creek we've been eight months into a six step program. We've seen success as our salesman have become more disciplined, more professional, more structured, and our anticipation is that we will not only just improve, but the good salespeople will double their business again.

So we're excited, we would recommend this program for any sales force and I would be happy to communicate with anybody who has any questions."

Jim Cavanaugh, President, Mill Creek Lumber & Supply


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