June 24, 2024

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1. Your skills as an organized administrator are…?

2. Your skills used to coach your sales reps in problem solving methods are…?

3. Your skills managing the pricing and profitability decisions of your team are…?

4. Your “new sales person” searching and interviewing skills are…?

5. Your “new hire” sales training program is…?

6. Your Performance Plan program in place for each member of your team is…?

7. Your ongoing experienced sales team training process is…?

8. Your accessibility to your sales force is…?

9. Your sales team would rate their satisfaction working for you as…?

10. The amount of positive communication you have with your sales team is..?

11. Your ability to initiate new ideas and account planning conversations with your team is…?

12. Your ability to delegate to your sales team is…?

13. Your ability to organize and lead your sales team as a single market force is…?

14. Your sales team’s ability to communicate a single message of competitive uniqueness and market leadership is…?

15. Your ongoing new business prospecting process currently in place is…?

16. Your marketing and promotional skills are…?

17. Your ability to commit time to individually coach and strategize with each of your sales reps is…?

18. The percentage of time you spend talking “future focused” with your reps is…?

19. Your ability and time committed to talking “tactical and strategic focused” with your sales reps is…?

20. Your ability to communicate with customers to help your sales reps get “higher, wider and deeper” is…?

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