Testimonials from Some of Our Clients

AISC Testimonial

“I’ve known Jim for over twelve years and the American Institute of Steel Construction has been using Jim for almost 20 years for a variety of different things. From educating our membership on sales skills, business development, early involvement, also presentation training. And the most value that I’ve seen, particularly for our staff at AISC, […]
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Basden Steel Testimonial

“We just finished a day with Jim. We’ve got an organization that’s got several facets when it comes to sales. We have the technical sales guy, the immediate sales, day sales kind of individuals. Jim helped us look at how we do business across the different types of sales we do and gave us some […]
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Builders FirstSource Testimonial

“We used Jim Pancero for our sales training, and I got to tell you what came out of it was fantastic. What I thought was going to be more salesMEN driven, it really became a sales management driven tool for us. And he was fantastic in terms of what his delivery was, in terms of […]
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Everglades Farm Equipment – Testimonial

Hi, I’m Josh Coffman with Everglades Farm Equipment. We just used Jim Pancero for a four-day training session with our staff. We’re very excited about the program he put together and the industry knowledge he presented to us that helped break down some of our walls we had to the typical training stigmas. We were […]
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Firestone Industrial Products – Testimonial

“Here at Firestone Industrial Products we hired Jim to help our organization to become most more proactive as we found ourselves much more reactive than we like to be, very technically focused. But we want to be more customer focused, and Jim’s done that.” In the day and a half we spent with him he’s […]
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GreenMark Equipment Testimonial

My name is Chad Kasprzak, sales manager for GreenMark Equipment, John Deere dealership in Indiana and Michigan. We have 16 locations and somewhere around 60 sales people and with managers about 75. We just took that team this past week through Jim Pancero’s training, 2-day training, with two phases of our team going through the […]
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Mueller Company – Testimonial

We hired Jim Pancero to come in and give us some sales training. Our group has been in technical sales for many, many years and to try to overcome that we needed some expert assistance in that and Jim did a great job. He came and helped us, he challenged our thinking our thinking quite […]
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NAHAD – The Association for Hose and Accessories Distribution

Hi, I’m Joe Thompson with NAHAD the Association for Hose and Accessories Distribution. I’m at our annual conference for all of our 900 attending members where Jim Pancero just finished delivering two outstanding UID in a Day sessions on Sales and Sales Management. I’ve worked with Jim for over 20 years and he’s one of […]
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Nelson Architecture – Testimonial

I’m Nat Porter with Nelson. We’re a national architectural firm and we’re here in our Chicago office right now which I lead. I’ve worked with Jim for over 15 years. The reason I keep engaging Jim is he does a couple things really well. He takes very complex processes and makes them really simple so […]
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