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"We see a benefit, we're seeing it already in our team, our team is responding to it. I've had our rookies thank me so much for the training, and I've had our veterans walk out feeling like they've really learned something new that they can help grow their market." - Will Green, Southeastern Paper Group

The Five Most Valuable Sales Program Descriptions

1. “How to Best Connect and Sell the Millennial Buyer"

Program overview:

How many of your important buyers are under 35 (the oldest of the Millennial generation)? The Millennial's are now in major buying and decision making positions. How have you adjusted the way your team sells to best connect and win business from this next major generation of buyer?
This management level program will show you how you can blend the best of the "old school" relationship style of selling still working with your Baby Boomer buyers with the Millennial more electronic driven buying model.

A detailed workbook and action guide will be provided to all attendees.

Topics to be covered can include:

  • Why the relationship model works with existing (and older customers) but not as effective with the Millennial buyer
  • How to interview buyers to find out how they would most like to buy from you
  • How the more traditional relationship selling model can be adjusted to still work with Millennial buyers
  • How to take an inventory of your current efforts and develop an action timeline to bring your electronic presence and participation up to today's "Competitive minimum"

2. “You Can Always Sell More - Are You Ready to Get Even Better?"

Program Overview:

Your competitors are effective selling pros with a solid set of existing customers, offering proven products at a very competitive price.

Are you just trying to do things right to increase your competitive edge…or are you really working on the right things that will grow your sales and profitability?

Good is no longer good enough. This program will share with you the four best steps you can take right now to lead your sales team to building, and then maintaining a stronger competitive advantage. A detailed electronic workbook/action guide will be provided to help you take these ideas back to your sales team. Are you and your team ready to get even better?

This is not beginning or entry-level sales training!

We promise you this will be the most advanced sales training experience you have ever experienced. You will leave your training experience with the latest selling tools, processes, and strategies that have been proven to be successful within sales teams.

Who Should Attend: Experienced sales professionals who feel they already know how to sell, and their sales managers. You will receive the most value from this program if you send the sales manager of the sales attendees. Having their sales manager attend with them has proven to generate more seminar table discussions within your team of how they plan to implement and/or improve their selling efforts.

Table discussions of what to do about specific customers are a component of this training. You will also dramatically increase the potential for implementation of these ideas by your attendees if their manager is also in attendance to help encourage change discussions and to insure ongoing follow-up and implementation after the program.

Expected attendee outcomes:

  1. Sales professionals utilizing a multiple-stepped thinking, planning, and selling approach.
  2. Sales professionals better maintaining and growing their important customers through structured account planning and coaching from their sales manager.
  3. All sales team members communicating a consistent and stronger message of competitive uniqueness when any customer asks “Why do I want to buy from you?”
  4. All sales team members understanding and following a consistent set of “Selling Best Practices.”
  5. All sales team members gaining an understanding of how to sell, as a team, a single solution of customer-focused value through all departments within your organization.
  6. All sales team members gaining an appreciation and confidence that they are “good enough to get even better.”

Topics that can be covered include:

  1. An Overview Of "You Can Always Sell More - Are You Good Enough To Get Even Better?"
  2. Increasing Your Competitive Advantage by Communicating a Stronger Philosophy and/or Positioning Within Your Markets.
  3. How to Maintain and Grow Important Existing Customers.
  4. Strengthening Your Tactical Selling Skills – By Thinking, Planning, and Selling with a Proactive Multiple-Stepped Plan.
  5. So What Now?

An extensive program workbook is provided to all attendees.

3. “You Can Always Sell More – Even In Today’s Hyper-competitive Realities”

Program overview:

How have you, as an experienced salesperson or small business owner, enhanced your selling skills over the last few years? Most salespeople have changed little, just being good as a salesperson is no longer enough. The most critical issue today is “Are You Good Enough To Get Even Better?”

The marketplace has changed. Customers are less loyal, more demanding and are more price sensitive. Your competitors are effective selling professionals with a solid set of existing customers, offering proven products at a very competitive price. Your ability to competitively win in this intensive market will be based on your capability to consistently implement all areas of your selling expertise. Are you consistently maximizing all of the selling skill powers necessary for success in this aggressive, intense selling environment?

This information-intensive sales presentation will help you take a personal inventory of your selling skills and learn new ways to maximize your selling success. You will also learn how you can implement a more competitive style and approach to successfully sell your most important customers.

This is not beginning or entry level sales training! This advanced sales presentation will give you the tools, processes, and strategies to win in today’s new selling environment.

Topics to be covered include:

  1. Understanding the Selling “Best Practices” Required in Today’s Hyper-competitive Selling Environment
  2. What selling skills do you need to improve?
  3. Increasing Your Competitive Advantage by Communicating a Stronger Philosophy/Positioning Within Your Markets
  4. Understanding that you are not in a price driven market.
  5. How are you answering a customer or prospect asking you “Why, based on all the competitive alternatives available to me do I want to buy from you?”
  6. Five tests to strengthen your message of uniqueness.
  7. So What Now?
  8. Suggestions to evaluate and apply these ideas to help impact your selling success.

We know you’re good - but are you ready to “raise the bar” to this new level of competitive performance being demanded by today’s’ buyers?

An extensive program workbook is provided to all attendees.

4. “You Can Always Sell More – By Increasing Your Competitive Edge Selling and Supporting Your Largest Accounts”

Program Overview:

Selling to your largest customers has changed dramatically in the last few years. High volume buyers are demanding more from their best suppliers and are looking to your sales team members for ideas on how you can long term “partner” with them to increase their profitability.

These large accounts “Negotiated Partnerships” offer the potential for high growth and high profitability if your team can position themselves and your company properly.

How are you reacting to these growing large customer expectations? This advanced program will provide an update to this exploding business trend.

Topics to be covered can include:

  • The Uniqueness of Selling Your Largest Accounts
  • How does a “Negotiated Partnership” differ from a traditional high volume purchasing agreement?
  • Why have “Negotiated Partnerships” become of such critical interest to your largest customers?
  • The problem of most “Negotiated Partnership” being customer driven and demanded instead of being proactively sold by suppliers.
  • How to Organize an Effective “Negotiated Partnerships” Program
    What are the major components of any “Negotiated Partnership” arrangement?
  • How can you tell if any of your customers are ready to progress to a “Negotiated Partnership” with you?
  • How To Maximize Your Large Account Selling Skills
  • How enhancing your strategic positioning can improve your large account selling efforts.
  • How to maximize the steps of the “Large Account” selling process.
  • How to begin selling “Negotiated Partnerships” to your best clients.

An extensive program workbook is provided to all attendees.

5. “Six Questions to Evaluate the Competitive Marketing Health of Your Business”

Program overview:

Aimed at the sales professional with extensive trade show experience, this information-intensive training program will focus on the key sales opportunities available to you and your company.

You and your team will be asked questions to help you intensify your pre-show preparations and actual booth results.

Ideas to be covered include:

  1. Success Factor - Clarify and strengthen your "Booth focus."
    Does everyone working your booth know what your show objectives really are? How will you make your booth the most "customer focused" of the show?
  2. Success Factor - Clarify and strengthen your strategic message of competitive uniqueness. "Why, based on all the competitive alternatives available to me, do I want to buy from you? How will your competitive awareness enhance your booth selling efforts?
  3. Success Factor - Identify and clarify your "ID to Close" selling process.
    How to maximize the steps of persuasive trade show selling
  4. Success Factor - Define your "Post Show" follow-up process.


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