Video #1 - For Sales Leaders - "Effective virus leadership – 4 ideas to help you be a stronger leader during these turbulent times."

Video #3 - For Sales Reps - "Five recession-proven ideas to help increase your selling success."

Video #2 - For Sales Reps - "How to keep a positive selling attitude…even in today’s virus-impacted world!"

Video #4 - For Sales Leaders - "Is it time to get some work done again?"

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Video #5 - For Sales Leaders - "How Are Your Team Members Handling All the Pressures of Today's Crisis"

Video #6 - For Sales Leaders - "When are you going to start planning for your markets to recover?"

Video #7 - For Sales Reps - "Has Your Personal Energy Suffered During These Virus-Impacted Times?"

Video #8 - For Sales Reps - "How Are You Adjusting Your Persuasive Selling Message to Today's Virus-Impacted Buyer?"

Video #9 - For Leaders and Reps - "How to Be More Persuasive During Online Video Sales Calls"

A Little Help from My Friends...

My friend Vince Poscente and his message
"Is This Bad...or Good?"
See more from Vince on his blog here.

Good friend Paul Reilly. Listen to his podcasts:
"How Do I Sell During Uncertain Times?" Part I here.
and "How Do I Sell During Uncertain Times?' Part II here.


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