Are you using videos to deliver your selling messages?

Are you regularly posting videos to deliver your selling messages? A great way to reach customers today is through online postings, taking advantage of the kind of videos like I’ve been posting now for several years. But too few companies are taking advantage of this online marketing channel. 

How are you reaching your customers with the ideas and solutions you can offer, and to validate how you can help them lower their costs, lower their risks, or make their life easier so they increase their competitive advantage?

A great way to gain market exposure is by posting brief videos online, on YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, on any of the other platforms. Videos less than two minutes long tend to get the best viewing and reactions. 

How many videos have you developed to promote how you can help your buyer’s business? Videos sharing how you can increase their profitability? Online videos are another way to touch a prospect or customer in addition to their normal interactions with their sales rep and any of your technical support people.

Today’s video talks about how brief online videos can help extend your marketing and promotions efforts…so your team can sell even more!

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