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Are you leading a team of Fire Fighters or Arsonists?

Hope this week’s ideas can help you as a leader of your sales team! Please share your comments and questions below…would love to hear your opinions on this. As a sales consultant and trainer I see the majority of sales reps today are merely functioning as reactive order-takers asking the same servicing questions until their…

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Can you define the steps of your team’s selling process?

Do you have a clear definition of the steps of your team’s “Identify to close” selling process? Is your team wasting massive amounts of selling time and effort because they keep trying to redefine their selling process with each new selling opportunity? Learn how, as their sales leader, you can lead the definition, and implementation…

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What can you and your sales team learn from McDonalds?

McDonald’s found a way to package better service by providing faster, simpler and easier to use solutions to their customer’s challenges. Can their creative idea to providing a better customer experience help you and your sales team? Love to know what you think of their idea! And please reach out if I can answer any…

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How can I motivate my sales people?

Learn the four rules of motivation…and how they can help strengthen your skills as a coach and leader of your sales team. And please reach out if I can answer any questions or offer ideas to help you become a better leader of your sales team.

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Builders FirstSource Testimonial

“We used Jim Pancero for our sales training, and I got to tell you what came out of it was fantastic. What I thought was going to be more salesMEN driven, it really became a sales management driven tool for us. And he was fantastic in terms of what his delivery was, in terms of…

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The University of Industrial Distribution

Save the Date for 2019! The 2019 University of Innovative Distribution program will take place March 10-13 at the JW Marriott Indianapolis in Indianapolis, IN. You will not find a better sales management training program in the country. I have been honored to be an instructor for the last 10 years. Since 1994, the University…

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