Are your reps only seen by your buyers as “Product Pushers?

Too many salespeople today spend so much time selling, pushing their products, and talking about their latest deals that they’re not doing much to actually help their customers.  

A buyer recently shared “The only time I see my rep is when they’ve got another smoking hot deal they’re pitching to me.” That buyer doesn’t see their salesperson as somebody helping their business. They only see them as a pusher and promoter. 

Think this is a good time to make sure your sales team understands the importance of coming across to their buyers as someone interested and working to help solve their problems? Are your reps looking for opportunities to provide their buyers with ways they can lower their risk, make their life easier or lower their total operating costs? To do that, your team will need to demonstrate their more customer-focused with the questions they ask and the solutions they bring.

Most product pushers don’t tend to sell that much in today’s hyper-competitive environments. Think your team could benefit from talking about how to be of more value and help to their buyers?

Today’s video talks about the problems buyers are having today with salespeople only functioning as “product pushers.” Think your team, by promoting more solutions and presenting fewer “smoking hot deals,” might be able to sell even more?

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