Builders FirstSource Testimonial

"We used Jim Pancero for our sales training, and I got to tell you what came out of it was fantastic. What I thought was going to be more salesMEN driven, it really became a sales management driven tool for us. And he was fantastic in terms of what his delivery was, in terms of how we approched our business, negotiating, and probably the biggest key take away for us has been the sales management aspect of driving our team to do better.

The biggest aspect of that was account planning and being very deliberate about our account plans and how we what to attack that customer not just from a short-term perseptive but from a long-term perspective and really trying to grow that account in terms of being a mutual fantastic partner on behalf of our business.

So, I would highly recommend Jim Pancero and his training methods to anyone out there that's wanting to grow their business and not just their business but to grow their profit margins as well."

Paul Vaughn, Sr. V.P. Sales and Operations
Builders FirstSource

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