Are any of your reps selling like my friend Chuck?

How many of your reps, like my friend Chuck, have a “Ready – Fire – Aim” philosophy of selling? How many do all the talking on their calls just bragging about how great their products are?

I recently got to ride with Chuck, a local rep selling for a distributor I was going to be training. During our ride-with day I was surprised how unprepared Chuck was and how un-customer focused he was during his sales call.

Chuck’s manager had given him this sales lead. Chuck called the prospect and convinced them to meet to discuss what he was wanting.

As we drove out to meet the prospect, I learned Chuck had not done any research online, nor had he done any in-depth questioning of the prospect when he set up the appointment. When in the sales call all Chuck did was present his products in detail without asking many questions. Of course, Chuck didn’t connect with the customer and didn’t make the sale due to his lack of research and not focusing on the buyer and their needs.

What can you do to make sure none of your team members are selling like my friend Chuck? That your people are being more proactive with every prospect or new opportunity by doing research before their call and then asking questions that focus on their buyer’s unique requirements and expectations.

Join me as I share how you can help your sales reps understand and follow more of the best practices of selling and competitive advantage on their sales calls…so your reps don’t sell like my friend Chuck!

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