Is it time to shake things up with your sales team?

How many of your reps are in a rut? Not growing their sales? Doing and saying the same old tired messages?

This could be a great time, as their sales leader, to really shake things up. And one of the best ways to do this is to make sure the selling messaging being delivered by your team keeps changing and improving so your team isn’t in the same old rut of selling (like too many salespeople today).

Selling is a very repetitive job and too many salespeople get locked into the same old selling phrases, focusing on the same products and pitching the same solutions that your competitors are also promoting. As managers, we need to make sure our team is delivering different (and additional) products as well as different solutions for additional areas of their business.

The goal is to make sure your customers can’t predict what your reps will be saying on their next call. The more a buyer can predict what your team will be saying, the less inclined they’ll be to pay attention and remember what was said.

Is it time for your team to be delivering different values and benefits of continuing to do business with you? To make sure your team isn’t continuing to say the same old stuff to their buyers, and instead, are presenting better solutions and products to help?

Join me as we talk about how you can lead your team through a redefinition and refocusing of your sales messaging of uniqueness, processes followed, and persuasive skills improved. Bet if you do this your team can sell even more!

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