Are you training and motivating all members of your sales team?

A great way to increase the effectiveness and impact on your customers is to make sure all members of your team interacting with buyers have all the persuasive and problem-solving skills needed. Whether it be a delivery person, inside salesperson, administration, or counter sales.

Too many businesses only train and work with their outside sales reps and do nothing to improve the persuasive skills of their support teams. The goal is to make sure your entire team is bringing your customers complete solutions to their challenges.

What can you do to improve the skills of all members of your team, not just the salespeople? Can you spend some time coaching your drivers, credit department as well as your inside and counter salespeople that talk to customers?

Today’s video talks about the best way to bring a single persuasive solution to a customer is to make sure all members of your team, inside and outside, have the persuasive and problem solving skills they need to help you sell even more!

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