Can Zig Ziglar help your team “Keep pumping” and not give up?

Are your people giving up too early? How many voicemails will your reps leave before they abandon a sales lead? Zig Ziglar was famous for his motivational talk explaining how an old farm pump and selling have so much in common.

The idea of the farm pump was the analogy that the pump was just like selling. He talked about how you have to pump and pump and pump with nothing coming out, but you can’t give up.

He also pointed out that once you start having water come out of the pump you still need to keep pumping. His message was that most salespeople start pumping/prospecting, but they stop prospecting as soon as they start selling stuff.

Even though Zig is no longer with us, his famous farm pump story is still available on YouTube. Just do a search on “Zig Ziglar Farm Pump.”

Today’s video shares Zig’s farm pump message could be a great story to share with your team on how to give up and to keep pumping…so you can sell even more!

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