Are your buyers tired of only hearing about your features?

Are your reps only bragging about what they’ve got instead of focusing on the benefits your buyers will get?

How many of your reps sell utilizing a self-focused approach? How many were taught a “feature-benefit” presentation style?

“A feature of this pen is the cap fits on the base. The benefit to you, the buyer, is it can improve the quality of your presenter’s handwriting.”

Look how the rep is bragging about their stuff before talking about any buyer benefits. Consider reversing this process.

Consider utilizing a “benefit-feature” approach. “A benefit of my pen is it can improve the quality of your presenter’s handwriting, because the cap fits on the base.”

Now your features are no longer the star of your presentation, but instead are now validation, support and proof of the benefit(s) being promised. 

What can you do to work with your team so, instead of leading with your features, you first talk about the improvements and benefits your buyer will receive…because of your features.

Today’s video discusses how you can improve your presentation style becoming more customer focused by switching to a “benefit-feature” approach…so you can  sell even more!

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