Have any unmotivated and underperforming sales reps?

How many of your reps could be selling more…if they just put more energy into their territory? How you motivate your people and get them energized is a critical component of effective sales leadership.

There are four simple rules of motivation. The first rule is you can’t motivate anybody to do anything. The reason you can’t is due to the second rule… you can’t motivate anyone is because everybody is already highly motivated. 

The problem is rule number three. People are motivated for their reasons not for yours, because of their bias, background, culture, beliefs and personal experiences.

Because you can’t motivate anyone to do anything…since they’re already motivated, but motivated for their reasons and bias, the fourth rule is all you can do is create an environment for people to motivate themselves.

As their manager and leader, you need to find out what excites and fires up your people, and then show them how they can achieve their goals and have the success they’re looking for.

Today’s video explains these four rules of motivation, and how you can motivate your team members to sell even more!

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