Are your delivery drivers effective members of your sales team?

If we look at the actual time spent in front of customers, there’s a good chance your delivery drivers and service people are spending more time with your customers than your sales reps are. 

Do you find it surprising most organizations don’t include their drivers in any kind of training or sales meetings, even though they’re the ones spending the most time in front of customers? Your delivery and service team members can be a secret weapon to your team’s selling efforts. 

When drivers are making a delivery, most people working there tend to ignore them because they’re in a uniform as a support person. And because of this “buyer invisibility,” your drivers and support team members get to see things your sales reps might not be shown or allowed to see.

Your drivers and support people can help improve your awareness of competitive products being used, to hear about challenges buyers are facing and to notice any kinds of waste or excess surplus lying around because of ineffective ordering.

The reality is your drivers can be a strong set of eyes and ears to your customers, especially when they know what you’re doing. What can you do to involve your drivers more in your meetings? 

Today’s video talks about the important insights and information you can gain when you include your drivers and technical support team members in your sales planning discussions. When you sell as an entire team that includes your drivers, you’ll tend to sell even more!

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