Three best ways to gain a competitive advantage

1st way to increase your competitive advantage is to have a stronger response to how your entire team is answering a buyer asking; “Why, based on all the competitive options available to me, do I want to buy from you?” 

Are your answers clarifying your uniqueness and the services compared to your competitors of how you’ll bring value and benefit to that customer?

2nd way to increase your competitive advantage is to improve the quality and effectiveness of your sales calls by following (and coaching to) the selling best practices.

Selling is tougher today. We have less time in front of customers and customers are harder to reach. We need to maximize that time whenever we do get in front of a customer by becoming more of a “Selling Structuralist,” following the structures and processes of selling so you can still be persuasive, even in a shorter period of time.

3rd way to increase your team’s competitive advantage is by being more proactive as their leader, initiating more future-focused selling process coaching and guidance to help them achieve more than they would have achieved if you just left them alone. 

Today’s video discusses these three best ways to help your team increase their competitive advantage. When you can achieve all three, your team tends to sell even more.

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