Could the “Match Test” exercise help your team deliver a stronger message of value and uniqueness to your customers?

There was an old sales training exercise used for years called the “Match Test. The test involved a sales rep lighting a match and then, before they burned their fingers, having to deliver their complete message of uniqueness of why a buyer would want to buy from them.

This was a great exercise due to only giving the rep about a minute to deliver their message before burning their fingers. It’s a fun and challenging test to help improve your messaging and positioning.

Think this idea can help your team deliver their message of why, based on all the competitive alternatives available to a buyer, they still would want to buy from you…before they burned their fingers?

Today’s video explains this “Match Test” and how it can help your people develop, and appreciate, a stronger (and shorter) “Why buy from you?” message”…so they can sell even more!

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