Selling using physical comfort zones

How aware are you of the physical comfort zones you have between yourself and your customers? Being too far away from a buyer could be seen as being aloof. But if you stand too close, you could be seen as pushy and aggressive.

The first zone is your Intimate Zone where you are in an intimate relationship, whether as a spouse, child or parent. You could be sitting next to them and even touching their arm but they’ll not care due to your intimacy.

The next comfort zone is your Personal Zone. This is the space of your personal friends.

Third is the Stranger Zone where there are unknowns with this person. The final outside zone is the Danger Zone. Being 6’ 7”, this space has been a challenge for me. I’m in the Danger Zone for most people and need to give them more space or I’m going to increase their resistance making them uncomfortable.

What can you do to help your reps understand the newer their customer relationship, the more physical distance they’ll need to be comfortable with you and your message?

Today’s video discusses how to control the spacial distances you have with buyers, and the direct impact this will have on your ability to close business and sell even more!

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