How are you strengthening the weakest skills within your sales team?

There are three skill sets a salesperson needs to master to achieve long-term success in selling. We can view this as three points on a triangle.

The first skill area, and triangle point, is strong relationship skills so your buyers like and trust you.

The second area, or triangle point, is your industry and product knowledge so you understand their business bringing them technical solutions that can save them money, make their life easier or improve their competitive edge.

The third skill, and triangle point, is your business and financial skills including your ability to financially justify your higher-priced products and services so you win their business by proving you’re still their lowest total cost.

How many of your people embrace one skill area, tolerate a second and completely ignore the third? Most salespeople today are ignore improving their business and financial skills. What can you do to help your team master all three of these skill sets? 

Today’s video talks about these three critical selling skill areas, and how, when strengthened, will help your team sell even more!

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