Is this a good time to remind your team of your company values and ethics?

Most businesses assume their employees understand, and are following, their company’s values and ethics. But for most it’s also been awhile since management actually talked with their employees to review the values and ethics expected.

Values, ethics, professionalism, and trust have become such critical foundations of competitive buying today. Buyers have become so distrustful of salespeople today.

We need to make sure we’re communicating the highest values, ethics and professionalism to our customers. If you haven’t talked with your reps lately about this, they might not have everything aligned with how you are expecting them to handle opportunities or solve customer problems.

What can you do to review with all members of your team how you expect them to conduct themselves ethically and professionally in how they deal with customers and solve their problems?

Today’s video talks about the importance of communicating your values and ethics of doing business…because when you and your team are seen as the most professional and ethical alternative…you tend to sell even more!

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