How many of your sales reps are selling on purpose?

We need salespeople today to be more proactive initiators, not just reactive responders. 

How many of your team spend most of their time answering the phone, covering their territory on the same days each month, and calling on the same customers? They define a successful sales call if they can ask their four questions…”Anything you need? Anything coming up? Anything I can help with? “How’s the family?”

But today, with all of the competitive pressures we face, this reactive support style of selling just doesn’t work as much as it used to. Competitive advantages are gained when your salespeople become more proactive.

We need to be initiators, not responders to our customers, going in looking for solutions and bringing them new ideas and solutions. You can’t expect to keep a customer long-term if your team is only supporting them. 

Think you could gain more buyer loyalty by showing your customers how you can lower their risk, lower their total costs and/or make their life easier?

Today’s video talks about what you can do to help your team identify more ways you can increase their proactive efforts by them bringing more solutions…so they can sell even more!

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