How predictable and consistent are your sales team’s selling messages?

How are your reps responding to a buyer asking “Why, based on all the competitive options available to me, do I want to buy from you?” 

A great test to learn what’s being delivered by your team is to individually ask each rep how they’d answer a prospect asking “Why buy from you?”

Be prepared to hear a different answer/message from each rep. This is not a weakness in your reps, but in your management. When was the last time you discussed with your team what the best answers are to this question?

Most companies assume experienced reps have great messaging answers and don’t need any help. So receiving no management help, what a surprise each rep then made up their own response. And each response is likely different.

How do you strengthen your brand? By strengthening the consistency of your message. Could this be a good time for you as their coach and leader, to meet with your team to identify the key attributes and uniqueness they need to be communicating?

Today’s video discusses this problem of each rep having a different “Why buy from you?” response…and what you, as the team leader, can do about it. When you strengthen your team’s messaging of uniqueness, you tend to sell even more!

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