How often do you need to be talking with your customers?

It used to be how often you contacted a buyer was defined by their sales volumes. But today things are more complex. One of the best things you can do is to just ask customers how often they want you calling and bringing new ideas.

We risk losing the account to our competitors if we call on them too infrequently. But if we call too often, they can develop a resistance to our products and our messaging because of feeling pestered. 

A good policy is to reach out to your buyers at the beginning of the year and then again mid-year to review how often they want to be contacted. This is also a great time to ask for feedback on how you and your team are doing.

What can you do to reach out and ask your buyers how often they want you calling, bringing them new ideas and giving them the support they expect?

Today’s video discusses this great opportunity to reach out to your buyers to confirm what they define as great customer service and sales support. When you do…it could help your team sell even more!

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