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How Strong is Your Team’s “Why buy?” Message?

from Jim Pancero So why, based on all the alternatives available to me, do I want to buy from you and your team? Ask different members of your sales team how they are answering this question…and I bet you get just as many different answers. Branding is founded on predictability. The stronger your predictability –…

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How can I motivate my sales people?

from Jim Pancero Learn the four rules of motivation…and how they can help strengthen your skills as a coach and leader of your sales team. And please reach out if I can answer any questions or offer ideas to help you become a better leader of your sales team.

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What can you and your sales team learn from McDonald’s?

from Jim Pancero McDonald’s found a way to package better service by providing faster, simpler and easier to use solutions to their customer’s challenges. Can their creative idea to providing a better customer experience help you and your sales team? Love to know what you think of their idea! And please reach out if I…

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Can you and your team accomplish at least one thing this morning to help achieve your goals?

from Jim Pancero Check out motivational sales expert Jim Cathcart’s idea to help you achieve your team’s sales goals faster…and with more success. It’s an idea that’s had a major impact on my success…think it can help you and your sales team? Love to know what you think of his idea! And please reach out…

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Can you define the steps of your team’s selling process?

from Jim Pancero Do you have a clear definition of the steps of your team’s “Identify to close” selling process? Is your team wasting massive amounts of selling time and effort because they keep trying to redefine their selling process with each new selling opportunity? Learn how, as their sales leader, you can lead the…

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Can your team really prove your “higher price – lower total cost” competitive solutions?

from Jim Pancero How effective are your sales team members at defending your higher prices against your competition? The majority of experienced sales reps can talk a good story about all the ways buying a higher-priced product can save your buyer’s money. But most also collapse when their buyer demands they prove on paper why…

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Are you leading a team of Fire Fighters or Arsonists?

from Jim Pancero Hope this week’s ideas can help you as a leader of your sales team! Please share your comments and questions below…would love to hear your opinions on this. As a sales consultant and trainer, I see the majority of sales reps today are merely functioning as reactive order-takers asking the same servicing…

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How strong is your team’s competitive awareness?

from Jim Pancero Does your team have strong enough competitive awareness to effectively defend and win against your direct, and indirect, competitors? Can your team pass my test on the three levels of competitive awareness? 90% of the sales people I’ve interviewed are only functioning with two of these three critical competitive awareness levels. How…

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How many customers are you ‘one car wreck’ away from losing?

from Jim Pancero Are your reps really connected with their most important customers? How many of your important customers are you just “one car wreck” away from losing because your sales rep only has one real contact/connection at their account. But if that single-contact buyer is promoted, fired, or just not there anymore (and that’s…

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