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“How Do You Change an Old-Style Sales Manager into a More Inclusive Leader?

The significant differences between your sales manager’s “Independent Gunfighter” leadership and selling style and your core values of collaboration and respect for the individual is the current struggle being faced by many companies (and industries) today. We are experiencing a generational shift in selling and sales leadership philosophies. The “old school” style of selling that…

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How To Coach Sales Reps On The Fundamental Structures Of A Sales Call

The job of a sales manager is to help each and every one of your people achieve more than they would have achieved if just left alone. How are you helping your people achieve even more by coaching and helping them increase their Operational or fundamental selling skills? How often are you riding along and…

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Improve Your Team Hiring by Asking Stronger Interview Questions

All sales managers eventually wind up needing to invest time and effort interviewing, hiring and training new members of their sales team. How effective are your interviewing skills and efforts? The majority of sales managers don’t interview and hire new salespeople on a regular basis so their interviewing skills tend to be weak or “underdeveloped.”…

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Reasons to Add a Sales Manager to a Dealership

Natural evolution of a dealership As dealerships get larger each person working there will tend to become more specialized. In the beginning when there are only one to three locations most managers are general managers getting involved in all major decisions. As they grow, usually by adding locations, they will need their top managers to…

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Are You Managing Your Sales Team by GPS?

Are there valid reasons for recording a salesperson’s travels by GPS? Short term I am sure a team’s sales would increase due to the bottom performers running scared and working harder. But long term I believe a team will lose its top performers (or future top performers) due to their feelings of “Big Brother” and…

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Using ‘Ride-With Sales Coaching’ and Being a Leader

The best sales coaching opportunity is going to be whenever you are riding with a rep for a few days or are talking with them on the phone. On the phone it’s just taking a few extra minutes to ask them about any specific account plans or what they are working on with their most…

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Help Reps Shift From Intuitive to Structured and Consistent

Do you have professional salespeople on your team? Of course almost all sales managers would answer yes, even when it’s not really the correct answer. What’s your definition of a professional? The best definition I’ve heard of a professional is based on their consistency of performance. Describing someone as a professional is also saying there’s…

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Focusing on Problems – Not Symptoms

As a sales manager, are you spending more times working to solve symptoms or problems from your sales team members? Sadly, most of the sales managers I see spend the majority of their time only working on symptoms and not problems. The majority of all the sales problems brought to me by sales people asking…

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Sell More by Becoming More of a ‘Managing Manager’

Are your salespeople maximizing all of the selling opportunities available in your markets? How are you, as their sales manager, contributing to their selling success and profitability? What “management style”do you utilize to lead your sales team? There are two basic managerial styles or philosophies of leading a sales team. You can manage and lead…

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