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Can You Help Your Reps Tighten Their “Telephone Cycle Times?”

How much time do your reps spend on the phone each day? And how are you helping them, as their coach, increase their phone calling efficiency and effectiveness? Join me as I discuss a phone coaching technique to help your reps tighten or shorten their telephone cycle times (the time between hanging up on one…

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Are Your Service Levels Actually Contributing to Your Competitive Advantage?

Service as a competitive advantage is no longer based on a “Call us when you need us” reactive approach. How proactive are your service levels? Join me as I share my four-tiered template you can use to accurately measure your current service (and customer loyalty) levels. Love to hear how you’re leading your team to…

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Think a New Twist on an Old Sales Tool – Call Reports – Might Help You Coach Your Team?

Ever use call reports to coach and lead your team? Call reports are great as history-focused records and reporting of what happened. Most reps call reports today are automatically generated by their CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. But history focused documents provide you with poor coaching opportunities. Join me as I offer ideas about how…

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How Are You Motivating Millennials and Genz?

How are you motivating your different team members? Especially the youngest members of your team? We’re in a different motivational environment today than the one most of us grew up in. How are you adjusting your motivational style to create an environment where all your team members are motivating themselves to what they most want…

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Are You Teaching the Wrong Steps of a Sales Call?

What steps of a sales call do you use/teach/coach with your sales team? Reps with strong understanding and control of their steps of a sales call are more persuasive and consistent selling professionals. But most teach the wrong steps to their team…steps originally defined and developed by the Ford Motor Car company in the 1920’s…

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Is Your Team Talking to Customers as a Bunch of Independent Silos or as a Single Enterprise?

How is your team positioning your company with your customers? When a customer complains, are they asking “What did we do?” (A Single Enterprise approach) or “What did they do?” (A Siloed approach). I hope you check out my video as I offer some ideas for you as the leader of your team. And love…

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Have You Created the Best Leadership Culture to Attract and Motivate the Best New Reps to Your Team?

What are you doing to make your leadership culture more motivating and attractive to the next generation of sales reps you need to attract and hire? As your sales team is evolving from mainly Baby Boomers to mainly Millennials, how are you also evolving your leadership philosophies and motivational culture? Join me on this video…

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How Positive Are You as a Sales Leader?

How balanced is your positive to negative communications with your team? A study recently identified over 90% of the average manager’s communications to their team is negative. Most sales leaders are still functioning as exception, problem solving managers where over 90% of what they say is negative pointing out problems or dissatisfaction. How motivated would…

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Do Your Customers Use Displays to Sell Your Products?

from Jim Pancero Do your customers use retail or showroom displays to sell your products? Strengthening your customer’s displays of your products will also likely increase their sales of your products. This video offers an idea to help all of your customers improve their retail, showroom and seasonal displays of your products. By holding display…

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