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What are the best skills to look for in the next sales rep you hire?

Do you have the same hidden hiring bias most sales managers have without even realizing it? Learn a different way to evaluate and select the skills of your next sales hire. And please reach out if I can answer any questions or offer ideas to help you become a better leader of your sales team.

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How can I motivate my salespeople?

Learn the four rules of motivation…and how they can help strengthen your skills as a coach and leader of your sales team. And please reach out if I can answer any questions or offer ideas to help you become a better leader of your sales team.

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The University of Industrial Distribution

Save the Date for 2019! The 2019 University of Innovative Distribution program will take place March 10-13 at the JW Marriott Indianapolis in Indianapolis, IN. You will not find a better sales management training program in the country. I have been honored to be an instructor for the last 10 years. Since 1994, the University…

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Generational Differences Present Challenges for Employers

January 2018, from by Denise Rondini, Aftermarket Contributing Editor – Also by this author There have been more dramatic changes in the last three years than there have been in the previous 40, according to Jim Pancero, “The Powerhouse of Sales.”  Speaking at Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week in Las Vegas he said handling the challenges is complicated…

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Millennial employees may be just as frustrated with you as you are with them

By Jason Cannon, January 23, 2018 in Truck Parts and Service Follow @By_Jason_Cannon on Twitter Millennial employees can be difficult to manage but Jim Pancero, speaking Tuesday at Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week (HDAW) in Las Vegas, says they may be just as frustrated with old-school management processes that have failed to adapt to changing business climates. “We…

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Sell More by Spending Time Riding with Your Sales Reps

How strong are the selling skills of your team? How consistent and effective are they in front of a prospect or customer? And when was the last time you checked them out to see if they could actually improve any of their skills and effectiveness? The Problem in Believing That “Experienced = Trained” Do you…

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Setting Up Your Own In-House Weekly Sales Training

What have you been doing recently to improve the selling skills of your team? With the growth of online sales newsletters, you now have an inexpensive way to conduct weekly sales training and coaching sessions with your team using the skill ideas being offered in these (normally) free newsletters. Though sales training tends to work…

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Utilizing the Four Core Values of Buying

Utilizing the Four Core Values of Buying! Business-to-business buyers are influenced by your overall philosophy or approach much more than they are by the “parts and pieces” details of your actual products or services. Strategic selling involves continually communicating your overall philosophy, positioning or selling approach throughout your selling process and ongoing support efforts. One…

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“How Do You Change an Old-Style Sales Manager into a More Inclusive Leader?

The significant differences between your sales manager’s “Independent Gunfighter” leadership and selling style and your core values of collaboration and respect for the individual is the current struggle being faced by many companies (and industries) today. We are experiencing a generational shift in selling and sales leadership philosophies. The “old school” style of selling that…

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