United Pipe & Steel Testimonial

“We hired Jim Pancero for our 2017 company sales meeting and had a wonderful event for a period of a week in January. Jim spent a lot of time in preparation with me, with other members of my team learning about our business, gathering details about the intricacies of our business compared to others. It’s been two very thoughtful, informative days with our sales team, teaching them, educating them and planting some seeds of things we’ve forgot, things we didn’t keep in mind, and things we probably could use to help improve our business immediately.”

“We plan on sitting down and revisiting the details of Jim’s presentation and making sure our entire sales team, inside, outside and sales management takes into account some of these concepts and themes and uses them going forward. We thank Jim for his work.”

~ Corey Lowsky, V.P. of Sales, United Pipe & Steel Corp.

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