Are your reps functioning as order takers or as trusted advisors?

Where are your sales reps positioned in the eyes of your customers? Too many salespeople are not functioning as trusted advisers in their customers eyes but are just seen as order takers and fulfillers of what their customers need. This is a key differentiator in selling today between the successful reps selling as trusted advisors and those struggling as order takers and reactive responders.

This is a great time to lead your team in a discussion of ways to be more proactive bringing solutions to their buyers, and re-affirming their value and relationship. What should reps look for when on a facilities tour? Talk about each of the industries you sell to discuss potential customer challenges you can solve, or at least improve. 

Today’s video discusses how, and why sales reps need to be positioning themselves as trusted advisors to their buyers…so they can sell even more!

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