Want to add more energy to your sales team?

Are your reps in a “selling rut, ” going through the same motions, making the same calls and saying the same things to the same buyers day after day?

Have any of your reps lost any of their selling energy? How many don’t have as much spark compared to when they first began selling?

You can help your team be more effective by giving them a shot of energy and excitement by doing something different that can help re-energize their efforts (and results).

Consider having a surprise sales contest. The goal of a sales contest is not necessarily to have a significant increase in sales but to energize the team by giving them a distraction of doing something different. Also consider prospecting “blitz days” where everyone devotes the entire day to looking for new business.

What can you do to re-energize your sales team? To build up their energy and excitement by giving them a little variety?

Today’s video talks about this opportunity you have as the sales leader to re-energize your team…so they can sell even more!

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