Your Price is Too High! How are you communicating your value?

Have you noticed how more buyers today tend to only see differences in competitors based on the differences in price and assume everything else is the same?

We need to be proactively communicating our value because most buyers assume there’s no difference between competitors today. They assume everybody has high quality and they assume everybody has great service. If, and when you and your team have anything unique to sell, or services to offer, your reps need to make sure to communicate this by building it into your presentations.

Too many salespeople only focus on talking about the value and benefits of their products talking about nothing else. As leaders, you need to make sure your reps are delivering a complete message of uniqueness, talking about your products, talking about your companies support as well as the support provided by your rep.

If your team doesn’t push your uniqueness and value then your buyer will only make their buying selection based on lowest price due to them believing everything else is the same.

What can you do as the leader of your sales team to ensure all members of your team are communicating their differences in value and quality so even when it comes down to you being a little higher price, your buyer still wants to buy from you.

Join me as we discuss how communicating a stronger message of value and uniqueness can be the best way to overcome your competitor’s cheaper prices…so you can sell even more!

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