Could some simple sales training help your delivery drivers to be more effective?

How persuasive are your delivery drivers? If your business uses delivery drivers, consider how much time they spend with your customers. Yet the majority of companies never invest in any selling or persuasive training for their drivers.

One of the ways you can increase your company’s effectiveness is to make sure the person who’s spending the most time with your customers actually understands how to sell and how to be persuasive.

We don’t expect drivers and on-site service techs to be able to do a full sales call or presentation. But they need to persuasively respond to customer questions. What can you do to make sure your drivers receive training and coaching on the most persuasive challenges they face including how to ask more questions, how to look for opportunities (even if they don’t bring it up with the customer) and how to give feedback to you of what they see and hear.

Your drivers are going to have a better understanding of what competitive products are being used because they’re likely to see more than a salesperson is ever allowed to see.

What can you do to make sure your entire sales team, delivery drivers included, are more persuasive? After all, your drivers and support technicians are likely spending the most time with your customers.

Join me as I share how you can make your drivers more persuasive, and more effective as they work with your customers. Bet it could help you and your team sell even more!

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