Are your reps successfully utilizing WIIFM’s in their selling messaging?

There’s an old 1950’s selling concept called “WIIFM’s.” It was a simple acronym that stands for “What’s in it for me?”

A salesperson explains to a buyer their product is so great because it has an extended handle. The buyer’s first thought will likely be “So what?” Selling to the ‘WIIFM’s” is rephrasing that statement instead focusing on how the benefits to your buyer having an extended handle will resolve or improve for them… answering “What’s In It for Me?”

We need to shift our selling focus away from talking about our product features and instead focus on our customer’s needs and the benefits they’re going to receive when they buy from us.

This is a great exercise for your next sales meeting. Take one of the main products you sell and have your team identify all of the “WIIFM’” they could explain to their buyer.

Today’s video talks about “WIIFM’s” and how, instead of pushing your product features, you explain the “What’s In It For Me?” buyer’s benefits so you can sell even more!

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