Are any of your reps guilty of ‘Ready – Fire – Aim?

How many of your reps follow a “Ready – Fire – Aim” selling philosophy? Most are so action oriented they only think one selling move ahead.

If you gave any of your reps a new sales lead, how many will go online and Google that customer’s name to research their business before they call? How many would check your company records to see if they had been a customer before? How many, instead would take your lead and immediately give them a call?

We need to be encouraging our sales reps to be more multiple-stepped process focused and to respect the importance of customer data and research. The goal is to make sure your team’s first call to a prospect will be their best call…because they have a better understanding of the new buyer they’re trying to sell.

Today’s video talks about the challenges of reps having a “Ready – Fire – Aim” approach to selling and how doing more research could help them sell even more!

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