Are your reps using their cell phones as effective sales tools?

Though cell phone video capabilities have existed for years, most salespeople are not taking advantage of this technology. The goal is to use your cell phone to capture more images of your products being utilized and satisfied customers talking about why they like doing business with you.

Video technology is advanced enough today that a message recorded on a cell phone is high enough quality to post on your website and on social media. You can also produce brief cell phone videos highlighting your manufacturing processes or warehouse. 

Cell phone videos don’t have to be professionally produced. It has been proven buyers tend to like more informal videos than they do something that is slickly produced.

Your sales reps need more sales tools to help deliver your messaging of value and uniqueness. Using cell phone videos when they’re in front of a customer helps deliver a more persuasive (and memorable) selling message.

Today’s video talks about how your team, using their cell phones to record brief videos…can help them sell even more!

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