Do your reps just collapse into ‘Presentation Mode’ when under pressure?

Do your reps automatically go into “Presentation mode” when a buyer says they only have a few minutes to talk?

A buyer starts off a call saying “You’ve got 5 minutes… what do you want?” or says “We’re very happy with our current supplier, why should we talk to you?” Too many reps immediately go into presentation mode doing all the talking. Looking at the steps of a sales call, what they should be doing is asking more questions before presenting. 

If a buyer says “You’ve got five minutes…,” the most effective thing a rep can do is to spend four minutes asking questions to try to gain interest so they can continue the conversation later. But when most reps are put under a time pressure, they tend to just start talking and presenting.

What can you do to make sure your reps truly understand and are using the steps of a sales call of first lowering resistance, asking questions, presenting, closing and then setting up their next contact? The goal is for your reps, even under pressure from their buyer, to still follow these steps, and do more questioning than presenting.

Today’s video talks about this challenge of sales reps over-presenting and not asking enough questions…to uncover how they can sell even more!

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