How are you helping your reps get value from their lost sales?

Too many reps come back to the office announcing “We lost the Phillips proposal because our price was too high.” A critical responsibility as a sales leader is to understand price is never a reason you lost. Price is only a symptom. 

The real problem is your customer didn’t see enough value (compared to your competition). If you offered a higher value than the others, your buyer would be happy to pay your higher prices.

What caused your buyer to not see your extra value? It could be you have a weak message when buyers ask “Why do I want to buy from you?” It could be your reps are not proactive in how they work your buyer through the evaluation and proposals offered. What about reps not focusing on the buyer’s challenges and are just pushing their products?

These are all reasons why a customer would say your price was too high, even though your loss is due to something other than price. After all, the more of a differential in value you offer, the more of price premium they will be willing to pay.

Today’s video talks about how you can help your reps still get significant value out of their lost sales…so they can sell even more!

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