Could your reps do a better job presenting to your dealer, distributor, or retailer sales meetings?

Do the presentations being given by your sales team to your independent distributor or dealer salespeople have the best information possible so they can do their job more effectively? 

The problem is most sales presentations given to these people are very weak. All they do is focus on how great your stuff is, your latest models, and the support you offer. 

How can you make sure your team’s presentations actually focus on the distributor sales team? How can the information your team shares help them sell more or make their job selling to their customers easier?

Second is to make sure, when you do talk about your products or services, you talk about them compared to your competitors. After all, that’s the “How do you compare?” challenge they’re going to get from their buyers.

Also make sure your presentations actually focus on how to sell your stuff, not just why your products or services are so great. Think your team’s presentations can be improved?

Today’s video shares how you can strengthen and improve the selling impact of your presentations to your independent channels…so you can sell even more!

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