How are your reps overcoming the reality of today’s self-educated buyers?

How buying decisions are made has changed dramatically in recent years. It used to be if you wanted to buy something, like a hot tub, the first thing you’d do is stop by a hot tub store, talk to a sales rep, pick up some literature and pricing and then go home to talk with your family about your options.

Look how different buying is today. If you want to buy a hot tub today, the first thing you’d likely do is ask your friends for suggestions (if you’re younger) or do research on Google (if you’re older). In either case, the first thing you wouldn’t do is talk to a salesperson because of feeling unprepared and being taken advantage of by the rep.

By the time a sales rep actually gets to talk with a prospect, there’s a high probability your buyer has already completed extensive research and made some decisions. They also have likely made wrong decisions. 

How can you help your team understand today they need to qualify prospects to learn what kinds of research they’ve already completed, any decisions they’ve already made, and how they now want your help.

Today’s video discusses this reality of buyers completing their research on their own before ever talking with a sales rep. When we learn we are now coming in the middle of their decision process we can ask better questions…and sell even more!

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