Does your literature and packaging actually explain why I’d want to buy your products?

We were helping a friend move into her new apartment. As we were helping her get set up I commented “You really ought to have a carbon monoxide detector.” 

She asked, “Why?” I didn’t really know so I went out to buy one while they continued unpacking. When I returned with the carbon monoxide filter she asked again, “Why do I need it?”

I suggested we look at the box. The box had all of the technical information about how this carbon monoxide detector measured things. The box listed all the rates of when the alarm would go off telling us how to use it and what it could do, but never explained why we needed it. 

How much of your packaging and literature explains why someone would need your products or services, and what benefits can they expect? Is this a good time to talk with your reps about focusing their efforts to talk more about why your products or services can help and the benefits they can expect?

Today’s video talks about this lack of “Why I want to buy your product?” descriptions in most product literature and packaging. After all…the more your reps talk about why a buyer wants your stuff…the more likely your team can sell even more!

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