Are you training your team to take advantage of the seasonality of your business?

Is there any seasonality to your team’s selling efforts? What can you do prior to a season’s start to coach, remind and fine-tune your team’s selling skills and messaging? 

Each industry tends to have a different peak time of year, whether it’s the peak season for trade shows you attend, a holiday peak season, or because of weather related sales.

Most companies assume if a sales rep has been selling for a few years, they don’t need any actual coaching or training on this new season because they “do it every year.” But most reps are not organized or proactive enough in their selling efforts over the year and only call on buyers reacting and responding to what is asked.

Is this a good time to conduct some pre-season training? Reminding them of the technical aspects to how and why you have a superior solution, what problems you’re solving in this upcoming season, and what you can do to support them. What are you doing to help your team get ready for whatever preseason you’re about to face?

Today’s video shares ideas to help you take advantage of your selling seasonality to increase the skills and competitive edge of your team…so they can sell even more!

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