Southeastern Paper Testimonial

We've used Jim now two times and have finished a round with our 120 person sales force. If you're looking for sales training that's different than anything else you've probably ever done, it's not about tricks, it's not about gimmicks, not about the lastest trick close out there, but a real strategic way to go about planning and thinking about and then executing your sales strategy, then I think you need to call Jim Pancero.

We see a benefit, we're seeing it already in our team, our team is responding to it. I've had our rookies thank me so much for the training, and I've had our veterans walk out feeling like they've really learned something new that they can help grow their market. So, where ever your team is, I would say this is not introductory training, this is higher level advanced sales training. If that's what you're looking for, than Jim's your man."

- Will Green, Sr. V.P. of Sales, Southeastern Paper Group

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